Wäiss Kaart: A Dreamy Drive

I want to take the viewer on an imaginary roadtrip for ones mental and inner peace; a dreamy drive as a perfect escape especially during the ongoing pandemic. 

A Dreamy Drive

by Lisa Keiffer

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Overwhelmed by daily news and information or stressed out by work, worries and doubts, daydreaming allows us to drift away, by letting our mind escape from the task at hand.Inspired by numerous train rides and a road trip through the US, I did back in 2018, I would like to visually translate this absolute satisfying sensation of freedom, peace of mind and wanderlust, that overcomes oneself whilst gazing through the window and enjoying the warm, evening summer breeze hitting your face.So put your seatbelt on and let me mentally transport you into other spheres, leaving behind the uncertain times in which we are currently in. 


Concept and Design by Lisa Keiffer
Beat provided by https://freebeats.io
Produced By White Hot