Triptyphon - Season 2 Episode 4

somewhere in between
the flower’s head and the soil
there’s a new sound, an escape route
you find it in the way that the water streams down the river

constantly rolling along with the twists and turns of the ground
embracing the shape of the river banks
eroded over time, stagnant for generations
pathways to move in and swim within
get lost
get lost.


Season 2 Episode 4

Xavier De Sousa (author), Tara Jaffar (actor), Florence Kraus (music)

TRIPTYPHON is the result of a triple artistic experiment: an audio chain letter for 1 writer, 1 actor & 1 musician. Each artist has carte blanche. Created by Larisa Faber. Mixed by Luka Tonnar. Illustration by Julie Wagener. Produced by MASKéNADA and anonyma, in collaboration with KUK and radio 100,7.